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The story of Sanne

The first year at Vandebron of Sanne

My name is Sanne Maessen, and since July 2023, I have been working as a Channel Operations Analyst at Vandebron. I started as an interim employee because I wasn't set to start at another company until November. After four months, my manager asked if I wanted to start my new job or stay at Vandebron. The mission-driven atmosphere gave me so much energy that I decided to stay.

My work involves analyzing sales data from external parties such as comparison websites, call centers, and referrals to gain insights into customer channels. Based on this data, we make business decisions, such as discontinuing external call centers, which has allowed my role to organically grow with Vandebron.

I am still figuring out exactly what I want to do, but I feel supported by Vandebron. Currently, I work broadly on projects like process optimization and setting up a women's network within the company, which has been positively received.

What I especially appreciate are the fun and energetic colleagues and the entrepreneurial, open, and positive company culture. Vandebron's transparency, mission, and core values make me very enthusiastic. Although I don't have concrete plans for the future yet, I see myself working at Vandebron for a longer time, ideally in project management or process optimization.

My first impression of Vandebron was that it is a young and informal company, in contrast to my previous very corporate work environment. I appreciate the casual dress code, though I haven't yet gone to work in slippers ;).

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Channel Operations Analyst

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