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The next phase of the energy transition is happening at Vandebron

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Team learns together

Product Specialist

32-40 hours Amsterdam

Marketeer works at lunch room at the office

Business Controller

32-40 hours Amsterdam

Team has creative meeting to solve problem.

Product Owner CX & Personalisation

32-40 hours Amsterdam

People Business Partner listens to employee

People Business Partner

32-40 hours Amsterdam

Motivation drives change

At Vandebron, we supply 100% green electricity from Dutch sources, connecting customers directly with their choice of solar, wind, or sustainable bioenergy producers. 

But we're more than just an energy provider. 

We’re a catalyst for change, challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries every day. Facing the challenges of a changing energy landscape, we act on opportunities to innovate and make impact. 

Here, your role is more than just a job title — it's a meaningful part of a bigger picture. Whether you’re interacting with our customers, collaborating with our producers or contributing to our platform, you’re embarking on a mission. 

Join forces with over 250 passionate Vandebronners to help to accelerate the energy transition and reach 100% renewable energy in the Netherlands, as soon as possible. 

Welcome to Vandebron, where every day is an opportunity to drive change. 

Check out our impact

Collaboration for smart charging of vehicles

Smart charging collaboration

How we collaborated with electric vehicle company NIO to facilitate smart charging at a greater scale.

Tech blog

Tech blog

In our Tech blog you can read a monthly blog post from a Vandebronner in the Tech domain.

How we work together with AI to improve user experience

Implementing AI

Read more on how Bob works on implementing AI at our Customer Contact department.

Flexible pricing for renewable energy

Dynamic contracts

Dynamic prices for energy. This motivates consumers to use energy at the greenest moment.

Stories of Vandebronners

Employee runs through a tunnel of colleagues

Jordy Perlee

6 years of development, highlights and impact as a Scala Developer.

Employee sings in company band

Sanne Maessen

The first year of Sanne as Channel Operations Analyst at Vandebron.

Employee has fun on bicycle at office

Jeroen van Rooij

Jeroen used his expertise in Finance in 4 departments at Vandebron.

How much impact we make every year

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