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Our culture

Our culture

Welcome to a place a bunch of enthusiastic people get together to create something truly special. Here passion, collaboration, and inclusivity thrive. We foster an environment where every voice is heard, ideas are valued, and teamwork is celebrated. Together, we create a community that's not just about work but also about meaningful connections, personal growth, shared experiences, and collective impact.

Work-life We’re big on balance. Not just balancing the energy grid, but also in nurturing our own energy. Why? Because we know that to light up the world, you need to keep your own spark burning bright. Flexibility is key here. Whether you work remotely part-time, travel for weeks, or adjust hours for personal commitments, we support you. It's about fostering an environment where you can thrive, both professionally and personally.

Learn and grow Every Vandebronner's story is unique, and we love that. We’re all about fueling your growth engine through:

  • Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment: uncover what makes you, well, you. It’s about playing to your strengths, learning as you grow, and crafting your own journey. 

  • Learning and development workshops: dive into our in-house workshops and programs designed to boost your skills, knowledge, and career. It’s all hands on deck as we learn, experiment, and grow together.

  • StudyTube and more: got a thirst for knowledge? Quench it with our rich collection of learning materials on StudyTube. Plus, we're always on the lookout for external learning opportunities that can bring fresh perspectives and skills into our mix.

  • Learning budget: dreaming of a course or a workshop? We’ve got you covered with a learning budget that encourages you to seek knowledge outside our walls, ensuring you stay sharp, inspired, and ahead of the curve.

Social gatherings Here, social gatherings are more than just events - they're a pillar of our culture. Whether it's a casual borrel, a big celebration like our office move or end-of-year parties, or company-wide meetings like the monthly update, there's always something happening to bring us together. From food for thought sessions to guest speakers, trips for conventions or team bonding, and fun activities like padel evenings or laser tag, there's never a dull moment at Vandebron. It's all about building connections, fostering relationships, and having fun together.


We've collaborated with a spoken word artist to bring our values to life in this unique poem. Dive into these verses to discover the essence of our team spirit, where our dedication to our mission, each other, and the planet shines through.

“100% Green. I mean as soon as possible. Putting the mission first. It all seems so logical.

For the short and longer term. Because actions always speak louder than words. In search of a common ground. We need to overcome our obstacles. As a team in our prime. No one will be stopping us. Our autonomy is key. As we are fully aligned.

You see. As an organization. We design our own frame. But you create your own legacy. When you bring your A-game.

And deliver your commitments with sincerity. Communicate open and directly.

With transparency. While staying true to ourselves and others. All of your beautiful colleagues. And all of our valued partners. Holding it down as we keep it real. These are not just words; it’s the reflection of how we feel.

This is a time to reveal. Our innovative green tech. With a resourceful mindstate. This is definitely a time to move. Staying ahead of the field. Always and ever. Improve


"I greatly appreciate the positive energy of my colleagues. Vandebron's culture, with its strong mission, informal atmosphere, short lines of communication, and high autonomy, motivates me every day.

Additionally, the energy transition is in full swing, super interesting and socially relevant, which constantly challenges me at Vandebron."

- Yvette

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