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About us

Our mission is clear

Chapter 1 In 2014, Vandebron was founded with a bold vision: to disrupt the Dutch energy market. Amidst an industry filled with ambiguity, we connected consumers directly with local green energy producers, offering them transparency and choice.

Chapter 2 As the winds of change continue to sweep across the energy landscape, we find ourselves into Chapter 2, marked by innovation and adaptability. Now, our focus shifts towards making green energy accessible and reliable round-the-clock. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technologies, we're enabling solutions to optimize renewable resources and stabilize the energy grid.

Products & Services

Our green energy promise Did you know that as of 2023, about 50% of Dutch electricity was still coming from fossil fuels? Yikes. We're flipping that script by offering energy that's not just 100% green but also local. Wind, sun, and sustainable bioenergy are our go-to sources. 

Turning gas tales green Despite the world moving towards cleaner energy, lots of homes are still tied to gas. Instead of just offsetting CO₂ emissions elsewhere (the easy way out), we roll up our sleeves. Our approach? We channel the funds from our gas compensation scheme into local, sustainable projects, like planting our very own forest in Groningen.

Dynamic contracts Our dynamic contracts adapt to changes in the energy landscape, providing flexibility and ensuring that consumers always have access to the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy options available.

Curtailment Ever wonder what happens when there's too much energy being produced? Or why are some wind turbines sometimes turned off? Through initiatives like curtailment, we ensure that excess energy is efficiently managed and redirected, benefitting producers and consumers by preventing wastage and optimizing distribution.

E-mobility solutions Embracing the future of electric driving, we offer a charging card for hassle-free access to charging stations across the Benelux and much of Europe. 

Digital tools From seamless sign-ups to providing real-time insights into energy production, and offering personalized recommendations, our platform is designed to simplify the user's energy usage. We want to include our customers in the energy transition and to teach them to use energy as efficiently as possible. 

Our relationships

Employees Our employees are the driving force behind Vandebron's success. We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered to thrive. From fostering professional growth to encouraging innovation, we're committed to providing our team with the support and resources they need to excel. 

Customers At Vandebron, our customers are valued members of our community. With 100% Dutch-generated electricity at competitive prices, we offer the opportunity to support local projects and to contribute directly to a sustainable future.

Producers For our producers, we're committed to fostering strong, lasting partnerships. By truly connecting on contractual, digital, and personal levels, we aim to maximize the economic value of their assets. 

Essent We're grateful for Essent's trust in allowing Vandebron to operate independently. Our mission remains unwavering, and we're committed to staying bold and entrepreneurial while minimizing risks. By scaling and creating shareholder value, we benefit all stakeholders. We'll share lessons from both successes and failures, fostering mutual growth.


"What I especially appreciate are the fun and energetic colleagues and the entrepreneurial, open, and positive company culture.

Vandebron's transparency, mission, and core values make me very enthusiastic."

- Sanne

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