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"Today is a great day to turn the Dutch energy market upside down"

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How it works


Show your interest by applying to one of our jobs. Be your authentic self, we're all about diversity, inclusiveness, and equal career opportunities. It's totally okay if you don't mention your gender or date of birth on your resume. Our team will aim to get back to you within a week.

Recruiter call

Next, let's chat! This could be a phone or video call where we aim to get to know each other better and assess if there's an initial match. We're keen to hear about your motivations, and we'll also discuss practical details like start dates and compensation. We’re here to answer any questions you might have about the role.

Culture fit interview

Now it's time to see if we vibe together. We want to determine if there's a great cultural fit because it's crucial for both you and us. You'll meet with the recruiter and the hiring manager to chat about our culture and see if we're a match.

Job fit interview

Time to put your skills to the test! You'll tackle a hypothetical challenge to show us how you approach problems, communicate your ideas, and work with a team. This could be a take-home business challenge, a workshop, or a live-coding session, depending on the role. You'll meet two new team members who haven't met you yet.

Job offer

Congratulations! You've impressed us, and it's clear you're a top candidate. We'll work out the final details and get you onboarded. We're excited to work on the energy transition together!

Not sure yet which vacancy is for you?

We believe in the power of change. What might seem difficult and unachievable today, could well be tomorrow’s solution. With this attitude we dare to look at the world, and hope to give people the means to make impact with choices that yesterday might have seemed impossible.

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