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Implementing AI at Vandebron

How Bob implemented AI at Customer Service

Bob Molenaar, our Project & Change Manager, was given the opportunity by the CTO to explore AI opportunities for Vandebron. After considering various applications such as Data Analytics and internal processes, it was decided to deploy Generative AI for customer service. The project was divided into three components: a Chatbot for better customer interactions, Voice technology for transcription, and an Agent Assistant that automatically generates responses. Bob's goal was to work faster and more efficiently without hiring additional staff. “Although we are still experimenting and considering privacy and data security, we are already seeing promising results. For now, we are using AI in the Electric Driving and Digital departments, but we see a lot of potential for general customer service as well. The project demonstrates how quickly we can achieve something at Vandebron with an enthusiastic and well-coordinated team.”

Bob led the project and worked closely with the CTO, Head of Customer Operations, and Customer Experience to increase customer satisfaction. Within a few months, we brought an innovation to fruition and are now a leader in the Netherlands with our chatbot features. The initial feedback is positive, with more natural customer-chatbot conversations. We continue to develop and scale AI further, following the motto: “Building the plane while flying.”

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