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Dynamic contracts with Hilde

Hilde, Proposition Manager at Vandebron, led the introduction of dynamic contracts. During the energy crisis, we noticed a significant customer demand for this type of contract. These dynamic contracts align well with our mission to encourage green behavior. Hilde came up with the idea to implement such a system: “The project aimed to reduce customer churn and explore how we can offer new energy products that engage customers in the energy transition. A challenge was introducing dynamic contracts without placing them directly alongside our regular contracts. They are difficult to compare, and we feared that customers would see the low monthly amount without understanding the details.”

However, the project has shown that new energy products can encourage customers to adopt greener behaviors. Energy consumption during high generation periods has increased by 3.5 times, and customers enjoy working with Vandebron towards a sustainable future.

Hilde collaborated with Bob Molenaar and was responsible for the goals, engaging departments, monitoring progress, and deciding on the continuation. The focus is now on automating processes and facilitating green energy consumption for customers, for example through push notifications that encourage using electricity at the greenest moments. The goal is to make energy consumption easier and greener for customers.

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Proposition Manager at Vandebron

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