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The story of Jordy

From scratch to Scala

My name is Jordy Perlee, and I have been working at Vandebron for six years, now as a Senior Backend Developer. I joined the company through a family connection with one of the founders, Matthijs Guichelaar, and started as an intern during my studies. After my internship and thesis, I was offered a contract.

In my role, I primarily work with Scala on projects like Smart Charging. I quickly grew from junior to senior in just five years. I am most proud of my first project, where I drastically reduced the time required to read meter readings, and the Smart Charging project that grew from 10 to over 2,000 charging stations.

What motivates me are my colleagues and the impact of my work. At Vandebron, my work is appreciated and actually used. The culture here is mature, with a friendly atmosphere and motivated people.

Despite the advice to stay at one company for a maximum of three years as a developer, I see myself working at Vandebron for a long time due to the continuous innovation and growth opportunities. I particularly appreciate the values "Keep it Real" and "Move to Improve," which focus on openness and continuous improvement.

I won the Above and Beyond Award for my extra efforts during staff shortages and my contribution to improving Vandebron as an employer. This recognition from my colleagues truly gives me a great feeling!

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Scala Developer

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