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The story of Jeroen

The impact of Jeroen

My name is Jeroen van Rooij, and I have been working at Vandebron for over four years as a Finance Business Partner for Energy Services. Prior to this, I worked at a large finance consultancy and was looking for a job in data analytics with added value. At Vandebron, I can combine my financial data background, sustainable work, and a young organization. I focus on the energy business, analyze data, and initiate projects to improve the business. At Vandebron, I have a lot of freedom. Since working here, I have become more relaxed and have learned to work from my strengths, thanks in part to Clifton Strengths.

Within Vandebron, I have held three roles: Finance Data Analyst; Bruto Margin Controller; and now Finance Business Partner for Energy Services. I am most proud of the cancellation of the security deposit, where I played a significant role.

What motivates me are my colleagues and the dynamic, young, positive culture at Vandebron. I enjoy mentoring new joiners and currently am working with an intern who brings a fresh perspective to the organization. You feel many recent graduates want to work at Vandebron because of our mission.

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Finance Business Partner

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