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System Administrator

You make an impact by implementing processes and solutions that ensure the overall quality of our infrastructure.


Vandebron is not only growing in number of customers but also in team size. To ensure system security and effective processes we are looking for a system administrator who will be responsible for all system related tasks of onboarding, offboarding and continuous infrastructure set-up.

Are you interested in learning and getting up to speed with systems like Single Sign On (Azure Active Directory), VoIP configuration, office suite administration, monitoring tools and much more? Are you driven by questions like: ‘What are the security vulnerabilities of an office environment?’ Then this is the perfect role for you.

As system administrator you will be in direct contact with the business and responsible for collecting requirements and designing and implementing solutions that improve the performance and security of our infrastructure. You work closely with the DEVOPS team that is responsible for the full development infrastructure. Also we aim to recruit interns to help you with daily tasks. This will also give you the possibility to coach and help develop young ambitious individuals, while you will be learning from outside-in knowledge every day.

In your job you will be part of project teams that have a strong physical IT dependency, such as electronic access security, security camera set-up, new workstation infrastructure, building connectivity, etc. For many of these projects you work together with other departments such as legal/compliance, front office, back office, etc.

What are you going to do?

  • Managing the fleet of employee computers via monitoring, securing, updating, patching, troubleshooting, automating and optimizing laptop and desktop systems.
  • Consider the security risks or vulnerabilities that an office environment inevitably offers and proactively suggests improvements and solutions to enhance security.
  • Contribute to streamlining, optimizing and simplifying employee application experiences, improving application usability and interoperability, testing new application releases and researching new solutions to customer demands or recurring problem sets.
  • Configuring new-hire systems and performing IT onboarding for new employees.
  • Researching, installing and evaluating new products and services for deployment to internal customers.
  • Implementing, improving and documenting new and existing policies, procedures and processes for IT system.
  • Maintain inventory, assist with asset procurement, delivery and shipping.
  • Take part of projects with strong physical IT dependency.

  • Work together with DEVOPS team. Here technical software improvements come together with technical hardware elements. You will work on the edge of these disciplines.

  • Coaching interns that you hire for repetitive system administration tasks.

  • You will take part in the ‘security community’ which closely works together with the Security Officer. With the security community you translate the strategy into actions to make sure that Vandebron is secure and compliant

Who are you?

  • You have a technical background with proven knowledge of information security.
  • You have interest and experience in providing front line support in a Windows/Mac environment.
  • You have knowledge of Identity Management Solution.
  • You have knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, you maintain an operational knowledge of the latest Mac and Windows desktop features, best practices and system/application configurations.
  • You are an energetic person full of initiatives for continuous improvement.
  • You are pragmatic and know how to deal with all kind off questions that you receive from the business. 
  • You know how to mobilize people and collect the information required for your work.

What do we offer?

Our engineers have the joint ambition to learn every day. That is why we actively support you to learn and stretch yourself in your daily activities. This is how all engineers contribute to the team with a certain expertise or skill that they have mastered and we don’t have a cloned army (don’t be evil) of engineers, but we strive to consistently have a good mix of all expertise together that fosters individual and team growth. And most important with the goal to build products that support the mission of Vandebron. An ambitious and inspiring work environment and more:

  • Room for own initiative.
  • Salary in conformity with the market.
  • Daily fresh lunches and drinks.
  • An office in the heart of Amsterdam.


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