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Scaling Smart Charging (Internship)

Job description

We are looking for an intern that can take the lead on the following activities: 

  • Wrapping your head around the usage insights we are offering
  • Collecting the data to answer:  
    • Is there a correlation/causality between loyalty/churn and if/how the customer uses our services? 
    • Is there a correlation/causality between the customers energy usage and if/how the customer uses our services? 
  • Trying to determine the Return on Investment of usage insights
  • Advice on the direction we should take, based on the research
  • Presenting the results to the product teams & stakeholders

Introduction & Background 

Vandebron has a large dataset of usage insights available for its customers. We offer insights, based on this dataset, to our customers through https://mijn.vandebron.nl/ and the Vandebron Thuis app, so our customers know they are doing usage & cost-wise. Also based on that, we offer them advice on their monthly advance payment. We are always looking for ways to improve and enrich usage insights, but we are sometimes struggling with the business case behind it. Are our customers becoming more loyal to us because they like our services? Are they saving energy based on the insights we provide them? And what is really missing in the services we provide? 

Job requirements

What is your profile?

  • You are a student at a HBO or WO institute with a relevant field of study;
  • You like to crunch numbers
  • You like to think from a user perspective
  • You are interested in customer journeys and how to improve them
  • You have a background in statistics/data engineering
  • You are enthusiastic about new technology and can proof hands on experience;
  • You are motivated to help Vandebron on our sustainable mission;
  • You are a results-oriented pro-active person.


  • Full-time availability 4-6 months;
  • Mentorship and coaching from Vandebron;
  • Internship compensation of 350 euro (40 hour work-week);
  • Depending on the developments of the Corona Crisis: 
    • Daily fresh lunches and drinks;
    • An office in the heart of Amsterdam; 
  • Ability to contribute to the green mission of Vandebron: https://blog.vandebron.nl/.

What do we offer?

  • The experience of contributing changing the world for the better;
  • An ambitious and inspiring work environment;
  • Room for own initiative;
  • Internship allowance in conformity with the market;
  • Daily fresh lunches and drinks;
  • An office in the heart of Amsterdam.


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More about Vandebron

Best working place. In the center of Amsterdam!

Vandebron is a scale-up in the energy world, with a mission to transform the energy market. Starting with 100% green & local energy in the Netherlands. We are doing so by using state of the art technology that distinguishes us from other utility providers. In our latest developments we are using blockchain technology to create a flexible energy solution for electric vehicles.

With your skills as a developer, you can contribute to this awesome and ambitious mission. So not only you will get to work with the latest technologies and a group of enthusiastic international developers in an office with free bio-lunch and great parties: your effort will also help making the world a better place at the same time.


"Why wouldn’t you try to make the future better, if you are going to be a part of it?"

- Elon Musk

Our Way 

At Vandebron we strongly believe in the agile principles. We strive to follow the manifesto and we use Scrum as a structure way to plan and adapt our development. Always with a strong focus on customer value. We believe in quality and clean code and our speed is based releasing the smartest MVP rather than compromising the quality of our work. We have 2 week sprints and we manage to continuously deliver value for Vandebron. We move fast and we want our improvements to be in production even before our sprint is finished. We make it possible for Vandebron to offer new services online, like our new ‘smart energy platform’ where we use blockchain technology to develop ‘smart charging’ propositions which is used to speed up the transition to sustainable energy. Also, we offer all our services via a state of the art ecosystem where web (React.js) and app (React native) play an important role and while disrupting our market. Of course we are making sure that our (internal/external) processes, which rely heavily on IT (cloud) systems, remain speedy and flexible. We love creativity, and we're more than happy to give our developers the freedom to express themselves, growing both personally and professionally in a wonderful working environment.