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DevOps Engineer

Job description

We are Vandebron

Vandebron is the challenger within the Dutch energy market and is there to ensure radical transparency. At Vandebron you choose from whom you buy energy and where your money goes. We are pioneers, because at Vandebron we develop smart energy applications such as 100% green and smart charging. As an innovative Tech Scale-up, we strive to make the energy market even more sustainable. Our mission is crystal clear: 100% sustainable energy in the Netherlands as quickly as possible.


This is where you’ll end up

Vandebron is a flat organization so you will be able to get in direct contact with the business and you will be responsible for gathering requirements and designs and implementing the solution. We follow agile development practices, we have a daily stand-up, we demo our work regularly and we do team retrospectives to constantly improve our development process. In addition, as a Green Tech Innovator we continuously want to improve ourselves. This is why we organize a Hackathon every quarter. During this Hackathon we explore new ideas with the aim to improve our day-to-day operations and remain innovative.


As a DevOps Engineer your main focus will be on improving and maintaining our digital infrastructure. We use various open source tools in our infrastructure running on AWS and Azure. We do not expect you to have all of these skills, but experience with/willingness to learn these tools is part of this position. The tools we use in our environment:


  • In our infrastructure-as-code we use Terraform to deploy our infrastructure to AWS and Azure. Ansible is used for our configuration management, we are building our images with Packer and our secrets are in Vault.

  • We are near the end of a migration to Kubernetes. In our DevOps culture we assist Developers deploying their services securely and highly available. We provide them with advice, we monitor and help improve our services.

  • When we deploy applications that hold state we mainly use NoSQL, databases or storage solutions, examples; Cassandra, CockroachDB, Elastic, MySQL, Postgres, S3. Our team is responsible for managing these solutions.

  • Our metrics are collected in a Prometheus/Grafana setup, our Logs are in a Loki setup.

  • In our environment we run Spark workloads on Autoscaling spot instances, part of these workloads are started in NiFi.

  • We support our Data scientists with setting up Jupyter notebooks.

  • Developers within Vandebron use Scala, Python and TypeScript. 

Job requirements

This is how you make a difference

  • You are motivated for the mission of Vandebron.

  • You have previous experience with container cluster technologies, preferably Kubernetes.

  • You are able to automate your solutions in either a bash script or in the automation tooling we use. Experience with Golang or Python is a big plus.

  • You preferably have previous experience with JVM.

  • Grit; perseverance and passion for long-term goals.

  • You have the ability to handle a fast-paced environment.

  • You have familiarity with DevOps culture.

  • You are passionate about what you do and you motivate others by sharing your knowledge and your enthusiasm for technologies.

  • Last but not least: you are a team player!

What do we offer?

  • A career within the pioneer of the Dutch energy market.

  • An office in the center of Amsterdam.

  • An ambitious, innovative and dynamic work environment.

  • We work in a hybrid manner (50% from home, 50% at the office).

  • We believe that you never stop learning, therefore you will receive a yearly development budget of 800,-.

  • A tasty and organic lunch every day.

  • The chance to be your authentic self within the Vandebron culture.

  • Our quarterly Hackathon, (team)events and monthly company update concerning our mission.

  • Discount on your energy contract with Vandebron.

  • Chats and laughter at our (sunny) roof terrace or in our garden.


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